An analysis of “Taranta de Chacón”

In 2008 I performed an artistic research as a part of my master’s degree Flamenco Guitar at Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatory). The subject of the research consisted of investigating all the styles within the group of “Cantes de las minas” making a categorization into sub styles and looking at the accompaniment for the guitar. One of the sub styles is known as “Taranta (minera) de Chacón”.

Here is a transcription of the basic melody and the basic chord progression for the accompaniment. I also made an interesting compilation of the original recording of A. Chacón himself in 1913 combined with the version of Camarón de la Isla recorded in 1992 and accompanied by Paco de Lucía. (I have lowered the pitch of the recording of Chacón so that both recordings are in the same tonality).

Don Antonio Chacón

Camaron de la Isla

Basic melody of Taranta de Chacón: El Corazón se me parte

Based on recordings of A. Chacón (1913) and Camarón de la Isla (1992)

Taranta de Chacón

Recordings combined: A. Chacón (1913) & Camarón de la Isla (1992)


Basic chord progression for the accompaniment:

  1. (A7)-D
  2. (D7)-G
  3. (A7)-D
  4. (E7)-A
  5. (A7)-D
  6. (D7)-G-F#

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